Chery Reveals a special Electric Car for Women

Chery Reveals a special Electric Car for Women

A new Electric Car for Women has divulged by Chery, the Chery QQ Ice Cream Joyous Peach. It is engulfed in pastel pink and select pieces of white and arranged with an artificial set of wheels. It appears like complete for a lady’s ride.

The new Chery QQ Ice Cream Joyous Peach is old-style, though the vehicle where it depends isn’t manly either. Vehicles built considerably for the ladies are one intriguing sideshow of the Chinese vehicle market. Some vehicle makers make distinctive modifications to current cars for ladies, and others foster new vehicles just for the women.

Chery Reveals

The Chery QQ Ice Cream Joyous Peach was review by the QQ Ice Cream Joyous Peach concept car that appeared in the 2021 Chengdu Auto Show. In contrast to the original article, it had more elaborate bumpers, bigger wheels, and sidebars.

The Chery QQ Ice Cream Joyous Peach depends on the 3-doors 4-seat Chery QQ Ice Cream, a small electric vehicle under the label of iCar given by Chery New Energy, a subordinate of Chery Automobile. It contends directly on with the legendary Wuling Hongguang MINI EV.

Purchasers can choose between two battery packs: 8.8 kWh for 120 kilometers NEDC or 9.3 kWh for 170. Power comes from a solitary electric engine with 27 horsepower and 85 Nm. Those are tiny batteries; nevertheless, the range isn’t all that costly, due mainly to the vehicle’s low control weight of 699 kilos for the 8.8 kWh vehicle or 743 kilos for the 9.3 kWh vehicle. Maximum velocity is restricte to 100 km/h for all renditions. The cost begins at just 39.900 yuan and closes at 49.900 yuan (5.930 – 7.410 USD). Size: 2980/1496/1637, with a 1290 mm wheelbase.

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