Pakistani Boys Reveal Why They Hate Pakistani Dramas


Every time there\’s a new TV show with a decent plot, we can anticipate that it will become a time for mothers and daughters to get to know each other. What is it about Pakistani dramas that turns boys off? This has long been on everyone\’s mind, but it\’s no longer there at long last. Many Pakistani boys no watch drama.

Why Don’t Boys Watch Dramas?

A Twitter user asked the same question. The only difference was that she went ahead and proposed! As a result, there was comedy as boys were not afraid to express themselves.


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So Why Don’t Boys Actually Watch Dramas?

Not to generalize, but you may have noticed that boys are pickier about what they watch for stuff other than pointless games. They just want \”excellent\” movies and plays; everything else is suddenly absurd. God forbid, if you recommend a romcom, it may be used as an excuse to roast your movie preferences.

Socialization by Gender


It could be because boys don\’t grow up liking or thinking about the things that ladies do. On the other hand, boys have not grown up loving and respecting the image of a prince charming and waiting for \”the one.\” As a result, when they see Notebook and how the lovers constantly separating, they despise or ignore it!

Dramas, boys

Has anyone ever pondered how people react when males start counting the minutes till 7 p.m. because a drama is about to commence? If a young boy becomes obsessed with Suno Chanda or Mere Pass Tum Ho, it will become a source of amusement for others.

Why? Boys are not expected to be interested in these topics, and if they are, they are ridiculed by society. Let\’s start thinking about the minor things that count in that circumstance, as amusing as it may be!

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