Funniest Tweet on the Cancelation of Board Exams

Funniest Tweet on the Cancelation of Board Exams

Deeply affecting routine life around the world, coronavirus has caused a 180° shift in the way the world functioned. This sudden change in routine has deeply influenced the education sector, with schools and colleges all over the world having to go into online classes and distance learning without much time or proper planning. But according to today announcement for board exams cancellation all the student automatically promote to next classes. For Backbencher this new is like Eidi before eid, and on the other hand, toper is very sad about this announcement.

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Topper Student Reaction

Supply Holder Student Reaction

Backbenches Student Reaction

University Student Reaction

Shafqat Mahmood become a National Hero for all Student

Children are Non political

Well, this News is good for children health. However, exams cancellation badly affect our educational standard. Instead of Cancellation Government should delay board exams.

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