International Widows Day

International Widows’ Day 2020

Losing someone is never easy, and having to live life without your partner is even harder. For women worldwide, the loss is even bigger as they have to struggle for their basic needs, rights, and dignity. As we mark International Widows’ Day 2020 today on June 23. We take a look at the history, importance of the day.


International Widows Day is a global awareness day that takes place annually on 23rd June. The day was launch by the United Nations in 2010. To raise awareness of the violation of human rights that widows suffer in many countries following the death of their spouses.

Around the world, women who have lost their husbands to illness or war face a number of challenges, and not all of them have their family to support them when they do.
Losing a love one in any capacity is difficult and traumatic, and this day aims to ensure that widows are given the support they need to go through an incredibly difficult time and ensure widows maintain full rights and recognition in their country.

Importance Of International Widows Day

The day is important as it brings about awareness among the public the problems that widows face all over the world. It is a time to reflect on the progress made and celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women. It is also a day to draw people\’s attention to take action and provide full rights and recognition for widows.


  1. It’s the most neglected part of our society. Most people thought her emotions and feelings die with her husband. I really appreciate you to write on this topic, that most neglected by big brands


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