Everything You Need to Know About Joyland Lahore

Everything You Need to Know About Joyland Lahore

Joyland Lahore, Pakistan\’s largest amusement park, offers a wide variety of rides for visitors of all ages. Everything you need to know about Joyland Lahore, including its schedule and ticket costs, is provided in the following paragraphs.

This amusement park, both the oldest and biggest, is regarded as the first amusement and recreation park. Despite being open for forty years, the park continues to draw many people. There are several modern rides there that are state-of-the-art. The cost of the tickets is also reasonable.

Take advantage of the park\’s attractions with your friends and families. The park is living up to its mission of making everyone smile. The park\’s extremely large grounds are home to exhilarating rides for kids, teens, and adults alike. You can eat at a variety of restaurants in the park. The park has all you need for an exciting time with friends and family while creating cherished memories.


The play and amusement areas are located next to Fortress Stadium in the Lahore Cantt. The amusement park opened its doors in 1977. This park was created uniquely under the supervision of the late Mr Aftab Shamsi. Ibrahim Shamsi, his son, is currently carrying on the park\’s legacy.

Along with the park, numerous other well-known tourist destinations have increased visitors. The rides have been designed to make them safer for guests. The park has a safe and secure parking area as well. The parking area is so large that it can accommodate many vehicles.

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Attractions and rides at Joyland Lahore


The park has a beautiful atmosphere. Due to the lush surroundings, it is a joy to stroll around in the evening. The numerous towering, emerald-green trees and lovely flowers enhance the park\’s splendour. The park is made more appealing by the flowers\’ energetic and wonderful aroma, which keeps spreading across it.

People like the park\’s pleasant atmosphere and the wide variety of rides it offers. The cost of a Joyland Lahore entry ticket is Rs 80. The cost of the riding tickets varies. The ride cost at Joyland Lahore is Rs. 150 per person. Each section has a different band, though, and the rates are also different.

PKR 700 is the band playing at Joyland. It costs Rs. 600 to get a band for Superspace. The total price of the band is Rs. 800. The cost of the food and the fun band is Rs 200.

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A themed indoor location with a tonne of fun games for kids and families, the Super Space just debuted. There are numerous thrilling coasters as well as a sizable play area. Discover every video game, carnival game, and other virtual reality experience. Don\’t forget to visit Superspace\’s horror house.

Enjoy Xpress Chowpatty\’s excellent and sanitary food. You may ride all the rides at Joyland for an endless period with just one band. The small Joyland region is well known for its mini gold presence, gaming area, row boats, snooker club, and dining establishments. The hours for Joyland Lahore are 10 am to 12 am.

Other thrilling rides at the park are the following.

  • Discovery ride
  • Octopus ride
  • Kids rides
  • Free fall train
  • Pirate boat
  • XD motion ride
  • Top spin ride
  • Indoor video game area

Visit the food express point and look at the offerings. Bird watchers can view lovely bird life at the bird safari location.

The phone number for Joyland Lahore is +92 (42) 111-569-111. For further information, send an email to info@joyland.com.pk.

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