Minal Khan Turns Off Tagging Option On Instagram

Minal Khan Turns Off Tagging Option On Instagram

The social media sensation, which has 7.1 million Instagram followers, appears to be fed up with trolls. And irrelevant tagging on the video and photo-sharing website. Minal Khan got fed up with being tag by a large number of fans after her engagement. The actress was tag by her fans in numerous videos and images on social media. And she acknowledged her liking and love for them.

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Change Account Settings

The actress has now made it impossible for her Instagram account to be tag in any posts. Because the actress has modified her account settings, fans and social media users will not tag her in a post.

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Minal khan\’s engagement party video goes viral on social media. In the video clip, Ikram can be seen shaking a bottle, spraying the drink, and drinking it. According to users, the celebs indulged in drinking \’alcohol\’ and are spreading debauchery.

It may remember that Minal Khan was heavily chastised for partying following her engagement the day before. With people claiming that the actress turned off the tag option instead of explaining herself on the party\’s viral video.

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