Raza Samo Hilarious Response To Indian Film Stereotyping Of Muslims

Raza Samo Hilarious Response To Indian Film Stereotyping Of Muslims

Funny answer from Raza Samo against Muslim stereotypes in Indian movies. After Pakistanis saw the falsehoods and stereotypes about Muslims in Hindi films, the movie Mission Majnu recently became the talk of the town. Raza Samo Hilarious Response Let’s investigate this more, then!

Islamophobic beliefs and stereotypes are presented in the Hindi film Mission Majnu. Pakistanis believe that up until this point, Indians were ignorant of our culture. On the other hand, Pakistanis have grown up watching Hindi movies and are familiar with their positive and negative aspects. But as of yet, Hindi has a false impression and misunderstanding of Muslims.

Many people, including Raza Samo, have commented on this movie. In comparison, Raza Samo has a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and is most known for his humor when mocking others. He recently responded to Indians’ thinking on Instagram with the funny statement, “There is a movie Mission Manu portraying Pakistanis.”

Raza samo on the majnu mission


He continued, “They constantly depict normal Muslims wearing Muslim headscarves. We provided topis to others who weren’t wearing them constantly, brother. Do they also always wear a locket (Taweez) around their necks? These lockets are not worn by us. The Ayat ul Kursi was read by our mothers instead of their donning these lockets. And anyone uses Adaab constantly?”

Mission Majnu, an Indian movie


Also, always have a scarf on your neck and clean your shoes and nose. Sanam Saeed also provided her thoughts on this. But from our grandparents to now, everyone in Pakistan has grown up with Bollywood; as a result, we are all familiar with Deepika Padukone, Madhubala, and other Bollywood films. We have witnessed every generation. Bollywood, the song, the dance, the culture, the way they eat, and the way they perform pooja are things we have practically grown up with. In comparison, we are aware of what occurs in India. However, India is unaware of events in Pakistan.

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