Clothing is Not the Reason For sexual harassment in Pakistan

Reason For sexual harassment in Pakistan
Reason For sexual harassment in Pakistan

Pakistan is the world\’s sixth most dangerous country for women, with reports of sexual offenses and domestic violence rising. Activists attribute the problem to patriarchal attitudes in society. In today\’s society, we consider women responsible for wearing threatening clothing. But what about the children who have never heard of harassment? “sexual harassment in Pakistan is a major problem in our culture, but it is one that few people discuss. When it comes to women who have been assaulted, there are many misunderstandings, prejudices, and a culture of victim-blaming. Women who do report sexual harassment and abuse tell us that they need more help from their friends, coworkers, families, and communities.”

Don’t blame the clothes


The Quran specifies the types of clothing that men and women should wear. Dressing modestly is require under Islamic law. There\’s a good explanation for it. It\’s natural for men and women to attracted to one another. There is a link between the harassment and inappropriate dress. However, It must acknowledge that this is not the only reason. There are alternative explanations for these occurrences. 

It is not true that occurrences of sexual harassment in Pakistan are solely due to clothing. Pornographic content can influence people. They disregard all moral and religious teachings and attack a lady in their unnatural state of mind. People must limit themselves in order to avoid such a state of mind. Rape will become less popular if guys are not compelled to get excited. 

According To Islam 

“Islam says that people who cannot control themselves and harm others will be punished in the afterlife. People who have trouble restraining themselves are helped and shown the right way. We advise them to pray and give them guidance.”

The offenders are rarely punished

Sexual criminals, in my opinion, are more likely to commit such crimes. It\’s just how they are. The clothes a person wears are not the reason for the sexual harassment of women. I admit that clothes play a part in this, but not to the point where we can solve the crime by blaming the victim\’s attire. That\’s something we have a habit of doing. If these incidents were just due to clothing, actresses who work in the media would be harassed all of the time. Actresses from industry would raped and assaulted regularly.\”

\”How many rapists have sentenced to prison so far?\” Has anyone charged with a crime under Pakistan law? Is there anyone who has punished by Islamic law? Rapists are free to walk the streets and celebrate their success, while the women they harass live in terror and misery. The educational system should include such resisting sexual harassment in Pakistan, sex education, and moral precepts.\”

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A systemic issue

Mukhtaran Mai, a Pakistani women\’s rights activist, believes it is a systematic issue. \”Women police stations and other facilities are establish in cities, but most violence instances occur in the countryside,\” Mai explained. \”Feudal landlords rule in rural regions, and the administration and police are submissive to feudal chieftains who regard women as commodities. So, how can justice be served in these situations?\”

Another Social women\’s rights activist, Farzana Bari, says patriarchal attitudes in Pakistani society cause the problem. \”No government has ever attempted to eradicate this mentality,\” she remarked.

\”It may accomplished by educating rural women, empowering them economically, and increasing their legislative representation. Why should women not have the same representation in the economy, employment, and government if they make up more than half of the population? \”nation?\”

\”This situation cannot put solely on the administration. It will be necessary for the entire society to step ahead. Both the police and the judiciary will have to play a part. However, If cases go on in court for years, victims are driven to pursue other means of resolving their grievances. As a result, a comprehensive reform program is require, including participation from all segments of society.\”


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