9 Most Common Reasons Lahori Men Stay Single

9 Most Common Reasons Lahori Men Stay Single

Lahore is a place where there are many things in plenty, one of which is single men. It\’s strange, given Lahore is known for having some of Pakistan\’s most beautiful girls. So, here is the 9 most common reasons Lahori men stay single

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The most common reasons they gave were poor appearance and being short or bald, followed by a lack of confidence. Lack of flirting skills and being too shy was also high on the list, as they were not making an effort and simply were not interested in long-term partnerships. Some claimed they had been burned so terribly in previous relationships that they were afraid to enter another. Others thought they were too selective, didn\’t have enough opportunities to meet women, or had different priorities.

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1 – Poor Flirting Skills

Poor flirting skills and introversion are, respectively, providing for a logical grouping. Introversion isn\’t a personality trait that lends itself nicely to flirting. Practice does not make perfect in either case, but it does give you a chance. It all relies on how willing you are to let go of your ego. Most Single men in Lahore because they focus on boys friend hang out and not learn how to flirt a girl.

2 – Busy Life

Boy’s are so busy with their lives, They are trying to make it better for a better future. Boy’s are working in late hours to provide money and support to ourselves, we want. That’s why single men available in Lahore

3 – Youth

Some boys are still young. They want to live their lives,  Focus on travel, play games, hang out with friends, gamble, bet, read, watch games, and more

4 – Never Met The Right Girls

The most common reason single men in Lahore, I never met the girl of my life because I didn’t find the traits of a potential girlfriend; most of the girls I met are immature, shallows, and have boyfriends.

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5 – Options

Boy’s don’t have many options like girls. Whenever you check your female friends’ phones,  see more than 100 messages from guys, 700 Facebook friend requests, 1000 requests on Instagram, 70 DMs, and many calls from unknown guys; girls have it so easy when it comes to dating rather than guys. They have to make all the actions, while girls can sit there with a red skirt, she‘ll attract single men and taken guys too.

6 – Marriage Lover

Most of the girls came from a nice background and received a solid education. Her siblings have already married, and now it\’s her turn. 60% of girls in Lahore believe in post-marriage love and stay up late waiting for him before eating dinner. That\’s the reason single men are available in Lahore

7 – The intellectual

She holds a high degree from a top institution. Her knowledge abilities will make you want to keep your comments to yourself. She has an entire bookshelf full of novels she has read, whereas the last book you read was either Harry Potter or a college-mandated reading. You\’re smitten with her, but you\’re too anxious about her thinking you\’re a moron.

 8 -Pretty Face – Teri Mehrbani

She is proof that Lahori girls are famous for their beauty. But, oh boy, do you wish she hadn\’t opened her mouth to begin speaking. You attempt to go around it.

9 – Dishonest Person

Someone who’s dishonest cheats or is a player type. This person does not do well in long-term relationships and most times have some sort of emotional baggage. Single men in Lahore because they only timepass with girls.


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