TikToker Asad Ray Highly Controversial Statement in Interview

TikToker Asad Ray Highly Controversial Statement in Interview

TikToker Asad Ray: Pakistani social media sensation Asad Ray is well-known for his Tiktok videos. Asad Ray became well-known thanks to her lip-syncing videos. 7.5 million people follow him on TikTok. Asad Ray can now be found on YouTube. On YouTube, he publishes his daily vlogs.

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Recently, Mathira and another female social media personality joined TikToker on the Insta Show. During their interaction with Mathira, the TikToker made a rather contentious statement. While Mathira was asking him a question, “have you ever fought with someone? He said, “fight with whom? I live with my wife, with wife? Yes, I just came here after beating her”

TikToker Asad Ray

TikToker Asad Ray

Asad’s comment about abusing his wife was immediately picked up by Mathira, who then cross-examined him about it. This is not a joke, it doesn’t sound good, and such statements shouldn’t be spoken. Mathira began correcting him, telling him, “Your words were too awful, it’s not a joke,” and that she despises such men.

After being corrected by Mathira, Asad Ray clarified his remarks, saying, “I told you previously that I respect my wife. You are an intelligent lady. You must be right about my comments; I barely completed my matriculation exams by cheating. Asad Ray spoke candidly about losing his daughter in the second half.

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