A Comprehensive Travel Guide to Kumrat Valley

A Comprehensive Travel Guide to Kumrat Valley
A Comprehensive Travel Guide to Kumrat Valley

Travel Guide to Kumrat Valley: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Upper Dir District has a lovely, gorgeous, and well-known valley called Kumrat Valley. Beautiful meadows, sparkling waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and turbulent mountain streams may all be found in the Valley. It’s frequently referred to as “heaven on Earth” by environmentalists. This is the place to go if you’re trying to relax and recharge. There are 42 kilometres between Kumrat and Swat Valley.

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Kumrat Valley Location & Best Route

Geographically, Kumrat is encircled by parts of Chitral in the northeast, the Swat Valley in the east, and the upper Dir district in the west. The Valley is located at 35°32’13.5′′N 72°13’09.5′′E on Google Maps.

Travel Guide to Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is best reached via Swat, Pakistan. It takes about 6 hours to drive from Mingora Swat to Kumrat Valley. To get here from Airport Road, take the Matta or N95 through Khwazakhela.

Here are some other tourist hotspots you will get to see along this route:

  • Madyan
  • Bahrain
  • Kalam
  • Utrar (Utroor)
  • Gabral

Places to visit in Kumrat Valley

The trendiest place to visit in the stunning Upper Dir district is, without a doubt, Kumrat. You are treated to some stunning sights because that is where the hills and clouds genuinely fall in love. Here at this captivating venue, prepare for the time of your life.

The top tourist destinations in Kumrat Valley are as follows:

  • Kumrat Town Centre
  • Kumrat Majestic Mountains
  • Kumrat Wild Trout Habitat
  • Kumrat Valley Jungle
  • Kumrat Waterfall
  • Jaaz Banda 
  • Katora Lake
  • Panjkora River
  • Kumrat Camp Site

Kumrat Valley Weather & Temperature

At Kumrat Valley, the weather is typically cool. The best months to travel if you are very sensitive to cold weather are May, June, July, August, and September. A small temperature increase and warmer-than-average air are brought on by summer. The city is covered in snow by the end of December.

Travel Advice for the Winter

Bring thick wool, especially a thick wool jacket.

Bring two or three pairs of inner thermals, at the very least.

Try to stay hydrated when visiting snow locations on a particular day.

Before climbing higher peaks, you should rest at Kumrat for at least a full day.

Get some long wool socks. By donning airtight footwear, you could avoid having frozen feet.

Travel Advice for the Summer

Bring some lotion with you to moisturise.

Bring some sturdy hiking boots or sneakers that are suitable for ascending hills.

Packaging a thin, warm layer is vital because the mid-hills of Kumrat Valley can get chilly in the mornings and at night.

Bring a pair of sunglasses as well.

When to Visit Kumrat Valley at its Finest

The greatest time to visit Kumrat Valley is during the summer, from May to September, when you may avoid the sweltering heat and enjoy some tranquil days.

Remember that the rainy season is not ideal because landslides could obstruct the way. Then come the terrible winters, when the mercury dips to -16.1 °C or even lower, and the weather becomes unbearable.

Things to do in the Kumrat Valley

Kumrat, which consists of stunning, imposing mountains, is a well-liked hiking and trekking destination. Some things you can do at Kumrat include:

Accessibility and Accommodation

River rafting, fishing, and boating Accessibility and lodging

Tourists can stay in various places in Kumrat, from modest inns to opulent luxury hotels. A room can be rented anywhere between PKR 1000 and PKR 5000 per night.

Some of the most well-liked hotels in KUMRAT Valley include the ones listed below:

  • Hotel Green Hills Thall Kumrat
  • Panjkura Hotel And Resorts Kumrat
  • Kumrat Glamping Resorts
  • Kumrat Maskan Hotel
  • Mom Touch Hotel
  • Sky Hill’s Hotel & Restaurant

You can go camping when you are in Kumrat Valley. That will undoubtedly be a soul-nourishing event. You can either purchase tents for camping or rent them. Also, remember to enjoy a bonfire with your loved ones!

Taxis, tour buses, and numerous tourist excursions are all easily available in terms of accessibility. You can rent jeeps, motorcycles, or scooters to get around the city.


The Kumrat Valley is unquestionably a paradise, embellished with lofty mountains, sparkling lakes and rivers, flowers, thick greenery, and tribal colours. A journey here is always a terrific experience, regardless of the season. Jaaz Banda, Katora Lake, Kumrat Falls, and Panjkora River are popular attractions in Kumrat Valley.

If you’ve ever been to Kumrat Valley, we’d appreciate it if you’d share your wise insights and travel advice so that other tourists may plan their trips more effectively. Your comments and recommendations are welcome.


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