7 Pakistani Movies You Need To Watch At Least Once In Your Lifetime

7 Pakistani Movies You Need To Watch At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Pakistani has faced ups and downs. Golden Era of late 1950 through the 70s gave way to severe decay new optimism that the nation found its filmmaking feet again. Classics and modern presents Pakistani movies. The beginning of 2000 gave a great turn to the Pakistani movie industry. Now newcomers and other industry experts have started participating with full commitment. Many of you have heard of Sharmeen Obaid, a big documentary filmmaker of Pakistan who has also won an academy award for best documentary. A big fan of her. A new project by her is also coming soon, “A Journey of a Thousand Miles: Peacekeepers.”Numerous movies are worth watching. However, it all depends on your taste and age.

Pakistan has produced very excellent movies in older times and recently started to give the Urdu movie fans. The chance to enjoy the real classy movies that one can enjoy from first to last minute. Unfortunately, because of mid-age crises in Pakistan Cinema and movie making, Lollywood fans moved out to other venues and developed the mind of masala movies. However, with recent movies like Sherdil, Donkey Kong, Load Wedding, people are coming back to senses and moving from unrealistic stories and movies to the movies worth their time. They can talk about for a month because of wonderful stories which are hard to forget.

Khuda kay liye (2007)

The movie is to reveal that Islam is a progressive religion, but fundamentalists often manipulate its teachings. In his brief yet strong role, Naseeruddin Shah tries to act as the voice of reason and explains Islam to the audiences. Khuda kay liye is one of the best Pakistani movies.

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Bol (2011)

The film directs the passage of a lower-middle-class family in Lahore base, who struggles with faith. And, the filth of a gender bias that considers poverty to be the second sex of women in archaeology. A female convict on the death line, her last wish is to tell her story about why she killed her father to the media.

Zinda bhag (2013)

It includes laughter and romance, but most importantly, it represents the mindset that is common in our society. The story revolves around three people – Khalidi (Khurram Peters), Chatha (Salman Ahmed), and Tambi (Zohaib), who live in a typical lower middle class in Lahore. Like many other young people in our country. They try to find a way to leave their homeland and reach a foreign land where, they say, \’their dreams will come true, and all the problems of life Will are resolved. Like many Indians & Pakistani, the trio is under the misled perception that life will be a piece of cake once they reach a foreign place! A Pakistani film which feels Indian.

Bin Roye (2015)

Bin Roye is a saga of attraction in love that grows jealousy and battle between two girls for one perfect match. It is a story that can be best defined as a tragic beauty. The film is a story about a fun-loving girl Saba (Mahira Khan). Whose world comes crashing down when the man she has loved since childhood, her best friend and cousin Irtiza, falls in love and gets married to her long-lost sister Saman. As Saba fights to survive the heartbreak and moves on in her life. A tragedy occurs in the family, forcing her to face her demons and fall in love with Irtiza again. Mahira Khan\’s intense acting is hard to ignore in an average yet lovely romantic film. Bin Roye is one of the best Pakistani movies.

Top 10 Best Pakistani Movies in 2022

Waar (2013)

Pakistani forces are fighting terrorism, a James Bond-like character hunting an assassin, a woman trapping a patriot with her sexual wiles. Waar is an awesome action movie that is at par with Hollywood stuff, but one thing Lollywood forgot that \”monster of terrorism is devouring its own creator.\” It\’s insane to think that India is funding the terrorist in Pak. Stop blaming, and think why India was developing a lot compared to Pakistan. When both got independent in the same month of the same year. It displaying the wrong image of India, trying to make a wave across the world.

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi (2013)

This film is about a young boy who aspires to be like his cricketing idol, Shahid Afridi. However, his life goes for a toss when the only cricket club he ever knew of, goes bankrupt. To save his dream, he forms a team of mavericks without a coach or any other offices to defend themselves against the skilled rivals. on the other side some List of Pakistani Movies Banned in Pakistan

Manto (2015)

This biographical film is based on the life of the Pakistani writer, Saadat Hasan Manto. The story converges on Manto\’s time in the showbiz of Bombay (now Mumbai) and later Lahore. It also describes his relationship with singer-actress Noor Jehan. Manto Is one of the best pakistani movies.

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